Sunday, May 1, 2011

Python + Couchdbkit = nice

So I'm working on a CouchDB project and you can read more about what I'm doing on the mobile side here.. There will be a server-side component and I want to get my feet wet with Python. I'm currently working through the tutorial but like most people I learn more by doing.

There are several CouchDB libraries for Python but I went with Couchdbkit. This decision was influenced by a post on the Cloudant discussion board stating Couchdbkit and Cloudant should work well together. So far, I have to agree.

The installation instructions for Couchdbkit are pretty straight forward. For the record, I'm using Python 2.6.6. I did find I needed to use restkit for HTTP resources. I set my sights low - I just wanted to get the program of Couchdbkit's Getting Started page to work. Username/password redacted to protect the innocent:

#! /usr/bin/env python

import datetime
from couchdbkit import *
from restkit import BasicAuth

class Greeting(Document):
    author = StringProperty()
    content = StringProperty()
    date = DateTimeProperty()

server = Server('https://[username]', filters=[BasicAuth('[usename]', '[password]')])
db = server.get_or_create_db("greeting")

greet = Greeting(
    content="Welcome to couchdbkit world",

There are more exercises on the Getting Started page including an introduction to views. This worked as advertised with no need to change the supplied code.

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