Sunday, May 15, 2011

A CouchDB library for Android

So I really liked this article that was featured on Hacker News a week ago and it got me to thinking that maybe I'm using too many 3rd party libraries to help with areas I don't have much experience in (couchdbkit, for example, is awesome). So instead of using Ektorp to help me with Java/CouchDB/JSON stuff, I think I'm going to write my own library to help me with the Android portion of an algorithmic trading system I'm playing around with.

There already is a well-known CouchDB API build specifically for Android called droidcouch but I think this space can use more than 1 option and I have some ideas.

The most striking change between 2003, when I typed my last professional line of code, and now is the influx of 3rd party libraries. The infrastructure necessary to get a lot of adopters is already built out with github/Google Code/sourceforge.

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