Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My first program in a long time – don’t get excited

Until very recently, I the last line of code I typed was in September 2003 when I traded my programming career for a stint in the US Navy. I was lucky enough to sit down with someone very knowledgeable last month to give me some advice on how I could transition back into the SW world. After pointing out my LAMP Stack experience was pretty much useless in 2010, he advised to me get deep into cloud computing and/or mobile technology.

Application development has always been my preference and I am (was) pretty decent at Java so Android development seems like a good match. After installing the Android SDK on my Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat netbook (not an ideal development platform but isn’t Ubuntu great?!?) and banging out the requisite Hello, World rite of passage, I “developed” my first app in a long time. Here it is in all it’s glory – a button that does nothing. I am truly back:

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