Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Weekend Project: trellminder (Trello email notifications)

Love trello!  My wife and I use it to coordinate what needs to be done around the house.  And I agree with the folks at trello that email notifications (and email in general) are lousy.  I don't want to see each time a card changes - the only thing I want to be alerted when a task is about to be due or is past due.  Mainly so I don't get in trouble at home ;-)  So I thought it would be a fun weekend project.

I use CentOS at work so I'm most comfortable with Red Hat and I've played with OpenShift, their PaaS option, before.  This feels like a cron job, which OpenShift supports.  Trello has a nice API so this wasn't too hard to code in Python.  I didn't want to make my Trello board public of course but you can generate a token which allows read-only access to a board, once approved.

Once you get an account on OpenShift, create a python-2.6 app and add the cron cartridge:

rhc app create trellminder python-2.6
rhc cartridge add cron-1.4 -a trellminder

I use requests whenever possible - urllib2 should be avoided at all costs.  To do so, add "install_requires=['requests']" to in your root dir.

There was a very helpful question on the OpenShift forum which clued me into how this script should run.  Mainly, I should use a shell script to activate the Python 2.6 virtenv then call the python script.  The use of a 'jobs.deny' file would force cron to call the .sh and ignore the .py.

The actual source code is posted on my github repo.

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