Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting into SQLite

I grew bored drawing things on a Canvas so I moved on to the very helpful Notepad example. I like it because it's centered around the SQLite database package. Understand the importance of a good UI but the database interaction is much more my thing.

So I went through Exercise 1 then put it away and tried to code it myself. I'll spare the boring screenshots because my program doest exactly what Example 1 does - add dummy rows to a database and display them.

Couple things:
  • Got some compile errors related to Cursor stuff (specifically setListAdapter) in my main class. I was extending Activity not ListActivity. Whoops - there is a difference.
  • I like the idea of startManagingCursor and wonder why it's not default. Maybe only noobs like me use it but are people really managing their Cursor's lifecycles so thoroughly?
  • When I tried to account for SQLExceptions, Eclipse never recognized its reference even though I imported android.database.SQLException. So I just removed it. I'll come back to that one. I'm sure I'm overlooking something obvious.
  • Loving Eclipse's Ctrl-Shift-O shortcut to auto-import.
  • Took me awhile to figure out the Context data type so I could access the SQLiteOpenHelper constructor. One difference between my code and Google's example was they kept the Context around as a private variable while I just discarded it. I wonder if keeping Contexts around is useful.

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